Toluene diisocyanate manufacturer HDI HDI trimer Vencorex HDT-90

HDI trimer Vencorex HDT-90

HDI trimer Vencorex HDT-90



Aliphatic polyisocyanate based on Hexamethylene Diisocyanate trimer (HDI homopolymer), supplied at 90 % solids in a blend of butyl acetate and aromatic hydrocarbon (1 for 1 in weight).

Suggested Uses

High solids two-component polyurethane coatings and varnishes.

Exterior protective coatings for automotive OEM, car repair, industrial machinery, plastic parts …..etc.




Viscosity at 25°C

500±100 mPa.s

NCO (on delivery form)

19.8±0.7 %

Solids content

90.0±1.0 %

Hexamethylene diisocyanate monomer (HDI)

< 0.2 %

The analytical methods are available upon request

Physical Properties

Appearance Clear


Bulk density at 25°C

1120 kg/m3 approx.

Weight per US gallon

9.35 lbs approx.

Flash point (closed cup)

53°C approx.

Equivalent weight (on delivery form)

212 g approx.


Soluble in esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons. In most cases, esters/aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures are used.

It is recommended to use “urethane grade” solvents for the dilution (with water content below 300 ppm).


Tolonate™ HDT 90 is typically used as a crosslinker of hydroxylatedpolymers,especially polyesters and polyacrylic polyols, to prepare two-component polyurethanes coatings showing excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties in conjunction with outstanding resistance to solvents, abrasion and chemicals.

Packaging and transport:

Packaging (please contact our sales team for more details)

US and Thailand origin: 225 kg net metallic drums

France origin: deliveries of 900 kg net weight pallets (4 drums of 225 kg net weight).

Other packaging: upon request


Regulated. For more precise details, please refer to the safety datasheet

Storage conditions and shelf-life

Tolonate™ HDT 90 is sensitive to moisture and should be kept in its original container or in a volume tank under dry nitrogen blanketing, for example.

Appropriate storage for 2 years does not normally affect the product in any way if it is stored in its sealed original drums in proper storage conditions at temperatures below 40°C.


Flammability and safety instructions:

Before handling this product please refer to its safety data sheet

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