N,N-phenylacetamide structural formula


Structural formula Business number 05CJ Molecular formula C14H13NO Molecular weight 211.26 label acetyl diphenylamide, N,N-Diphenylacetamide, N-acetyl diphenylamine, N-phenylacetanilide, N-Acetyl-O-bi…

N,N-Dimethylbrazin Structural Formula


Structural formula Business number 053J Molecular formula C12H16N2O Molecular weight 204.27 label N,N-dimethylcephalin, Bufotryptamine Numbering system Physical property data Toxicological data Ecolog…

N,N-diphenylcarboxamide structural formula


Structural formula Business number 069G Molecular formula C13H11NO Molecular weight 197.23 label N-formyldiphenylamine, (C6H5)2NCHO Numbering system Physical property data Toxicological data Ecologica…

N,N-diethyl o-toluidine structural formula

N,N-diethyl o-toluidine

Structural formula Business number 069C Molecular formula C11H17N Molecular weight 163.26 label 2-(diethylamino)toluene, 2-Methyl-N,N-diethylaniline, N,N-diethyl o-methylaniline, (diethylamine)toluene…

N,N'-diisopropylcarbodiimide structural formula


Structural formula Business number 079Q Molecular formula C7H14N2 Molecular weight 126.20 label N,N’-diisopropylcarbodiimide, DIC, (CH3)2CHN=C=NCH(CH3)2, For peptide synthesis, Dehydration conde…

N,N-diethyl acetamide structural formula

N,N-diethyl acetamide

Structural formula Business number 0790 Molecular formula C6H13NO Molecular weight 115.17 label N,N-diethylamide, N-Acetyldiethylamine, Acetic acid diethylamide, CH3CON(C2H5)2, aliphatic compounds Num…

N,N'-diethyloxamide structural formula


Structural formula Business number 06GT Molecular formula C6H12N2O2 Molecular weight 144.17 label Symmetric diethyl oxamide Numbering system Physical property data Toxicological data Ecological data M…

N,O-bis(trifluoroacetyl)hydroxylamine structural formula


Structural formula Business number 078U Molecular formula C4HF6NO3 Molecular weight 225.05 label N,O-bis(trifluoroacetyl)hydroxylamine, aliphatic compounds Numbering system Physical property data Toxi…


Structural formula Business number 05JH Molecular formula C13H22N2 Molecular weight 206.33 label DCC, Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide solution, Ester cyclic compounds and their derivatives Numbering system P…

N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-chloroaniline structural formula


Structural formula Business number 024A Molecular formula C10H14ClNO2 Molecular weight 215.68 label 3-Chloro-N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)aniline, m-chlorobishydroxyethylaniline, 2-[3-Chloro(2-hydroxyethyl)…

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